When You Can’t Work, Disability Insurance Goes To Work For You.

Learn more about the unique disability income programs designed exclusively for Michigan Lawyers and offered by Paragon Underwriters, a firm trusted by Lawyers since 1974.

This is How the Michigan Lawyers Disability Program Works

Why Income Protection Disability Insurance

Protect Your Income – It’s What You Rely On Most

Work With A Skilled Professional To Design Your Plan

Gary Rosenberg, CFP, CLU, CLTC

Gary Rosenberg, a native Detroiter, holds the Certified Financial Planner® designation from The College for Financial Planning as well as Chartered Life Underwriter from The American College. In 2004, he earned the designation Certified in Long Term Care.

Promoted to Manager of Paragon’s Life and Benefits Division in 2004, then named Director in 2008, Gary’s areas of practice include disability insurance, employee benefits, life insurance, long term care, annuities, Medicare supplements and Medicare Advantage plans, business continuity planning, and estate planning. He especially enjoys working with closely held businesses and professionals.

Gary is a sought-after speaker for accounting, legal and financial planning associations in the areas of estate planning, tax matters, disability and long term care planning. He led the team that developed the Internet’s first self-serve, instant-fulfillment disability and life insurance website.

After attending Michigan State University, Gary enjoyed a career as a musician and entertainer for nearly a decade. Gary and his beautiful and wise wife of 30+ years, Janet, live in Huntington Woods where they have raised three tall, attractive, and remarkably talented children. He plays golf and guitar, not usually at the same time.

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Choose From a Full Suite of Income Protection Disability Insurance Plans

Personal Income Protection

If you are like most lawyers, you would not be able to maintain your standard of living is you were too sick or hurt to work as effectively as you do now. Even if you have a spouse who works, it is unlikely your spouse’s income would make up for the difference (assuming they are able to continue working while caring for you). No one wants to think about it, but you must take steps to protect you and your family when an injury or illness strikes. Personal Income Protection plans are the foundation of a properly designed income protection plan.

The Michigan Lawyers plan offered by Paragon Underwriters is underwritten by Principal, a leading financial services company with over $629.4 billion in assets under management (As of June 30, 2017 and recognized as one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies (Ethisphere Institute, 2015) . Learn more about Principal by clicking here.This plan offers important features like:

  • A non-cancelable and guaranteed renewable policy – the insurance carrier can’t raise your premium or cancel your policy for as long as you pay the premium.
  • Own Occupation definition of disability – protects your unique job as a lawyer.
  • Residual (loss of income) disability – pays a proportional benefit if you become partially disabled and experience a loss of earnings.
  • Cost of living increases – you won’t have to live on a fixed income should your disability last for a number of years.
  • Guaranteed increases in coverage as your income grows – you can keep your plan up to date with your earnings and not be subject to additional medical underwriting.

There are additional features available in these plans and they can be customized to meet your individual needs.

Overhead Expense Protection

The Overhead Expense plan is ideal for lawyers who are also practice owners. Putting an Overhead Expense plan in place means the disabled lawyer will not have to pay ongoing practice expenses with money originally allocated to maintain the personal and family lifestyle. Expenses that are typically paid by an Overhead Expense policy include:

  • Employee salaries and benefits
  • Replacement salary expenses
  • Property-based expenses for practice operation
  • Utilities and phone bills
  • Accounting, legal, billing and collection fees
  • Maintenance services
  • Professional association dues
  • Office supplies and expenses
  • And… your Professional Liability Insurance premiums!

Your Overhead Expense plan can be customized for your unique situation. Keep in mind that all premiums are Tax Deductible as a reasonable and necessary business expense!

Buy Out Agreement Funding

For lawyers who are a party to a buy sell agreement, having the funding in place to assure the agreement can be fulfilled is an important planning consideration. Most people fund their buy sell agreements with life insurance but neglect the more likely occurrence of a disability.

A Disability Buy Out insurance policy helps provide the funds needed to purchase a totally disabled practice owner’s interest under a buy sell agreement. With a Disability Buy Out insurance policy in place, the remaining owners can continue the practice without:

  • Using practice revenue
  • Obtaining loans
  • Selling shares of the practice to raise capital
Key Person Disability Insurance

A Key Person Replacment insurance policy helps protect the practice from the total disability of an employee who is critical to its success. This coverage helps minimize the disruption to a practice from losing a valued employee and the revenue that may be lost due to lost clients. Benefits are paid to the practice and can be used as needed to help offset lost revenue, recruitment costs and staffing needs.

Retirement Plan Contribution Replacement Funding

A Disability Retirement Security plan helps you continue saving in the event you lose your ability to practice law due to an illness or injury. This policy directs monthly benefit dollars to an irrevocable trust upon disability. Those dollars are then invested based on your risk tolerance. Benefits and the earnings generated are then distributed at the end of the benefit duration.

There are other circumstances where funds can be accessed:

  • Certain financial hardships
  • After you have not been eligible to receive benefits for 12 months
  • Death before the end of the benefit period

This is an important part of any well thought out disability plan to make sure you don’t exhaust your savings during a disability.

We Offer Simplified Underwriting – This Makes It Easier and Less Intrusive to Get Your Plan

Program Details

Simplified Underwriting is just that – simple! Our goal is to help you get your plan in place quicker and easier than would normally be possible. We do that by eliminating:

  • Routine medical requirements, blood draws, urine tests, EKGs and Attending Physician Statements
  • Financial / income documentation when you are applying for monthly benefit amounts within the Michigan Lawyers plan limits
  • Completion of a revolutionary telephonic application process (TeleApp) that eliminates the vast majority of paper forms

The Simplified Underwriting process is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Complete the short form application and any other required forms. This can typically be done via an electronic application process (dependent on the product being applied for) or by emailing a scanned copy of the forms to Paragon Underwriters.
  2. Schedule a TeleApp interview or take advantage of “on demand” interviewing. This should only take 15 – 20 minutes to complete.
  3. Wait for the underwriting decision and put your approved coverage in force!

Regardless of the product or process, Gary Rosenberg will be with you assisting every step of the way.

What is TeleApp

The Principal TeleApp process is a time saving telephone medical interview service. Over the phone, trained Principal professionals will guide you through the confidential questions needed to complete your application and determine your eligibility for coverage. Your responses are transferred to a “written” application which you will have the opportunity to review and sign off on.

Questions are broken down into three main categories:

  1. Activities/Health Habits
  2. Occupation
  3. Medical History

To complete the interview as quickly as possible, have the following information ready:

  • Names, addresses and phone numbers of medical providers you have visited in the last 10 years
  • The approximate dates of any injuries, surgeries, emergency room visits, hospitalizations, illnesses and/or conditions
  • Foreign travel history from the last five years
  • If you’ve been at your current job less than three years, employment information (name of company and dates of employment) for the past five years

The typical TeleApp interview takes 15 – 20 minutes.

Michigan Lawyer Disability Insurance Premium Discounts


Paragon Underwriters has negotiated several discount options for our existing customers that participate in the Michigan Lawyer income protection disability insurance program. These discounts vary by product and the type of plan you or your practices chooses.

Learn How Important a Quality Disability Insurance Plan Can Be

Attorney Peter Zatir was 45 years old when he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Fortunately, Peter had protected his practice and family with disability insurance. The benefits allowed Peter to focus on his recovery without having to worry about how he would pay his bills at the practice or meet his family’s living expenses.

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Our customers say it best!

Leon Weiss

“Gary has handled crucial insurance needs including life, health and investment for my family for more than 20 years. He quite simply is the best at what he does. He works his tail off to obtain the best products at the best prices for his clients. He is a man of integrity and compassion, professionally and personally.”

Mike Siewruk

“My father was a successful insurance professional for decades. As such, I was exposed to much of the inside scoop from the “sales” side of the business. Knowing this I am always skeptical of my insurance providers. Gary Rosenberg is a gem. His integrity, understanding and caring business style are a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend Gary for your insurance needs.”

Mark Accettura

“Gary has done a great job for our clients. He is a professional who has a sincere interest in the client.”


Paragon Underwriters, Inc. is a progressive, independent insurance agency with an experienced staff able to meet the challenges of your personal and commercial insurance needs.

We provide you the individualized attention your account deserves, allowing you to make informed decisions. We stay abreast of constant changes in the insurance marketplace through our professional affiliations, allowing us to help you make the appropriate decisions for yourself and your business.

Paragon Underwriters has provided sophisticated insurance products to the professional community for over fifty years. The success resulting from this commitment has enabled us to expand our resources and to continually offer our customers a wide range of insurance and bonding services.

Gary Rosenberg, CFP, CLU, CLTC

Director, Life & Benefits Division

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